How to Get Out of Debt, Pt. 2

Last week, I gave three foundational steps to get out of debt and break poverty over your life. Here they are in review, but for more details read last week’s blog.

  1. Believe that God is a debt canceling God.
  2. All poverty and debt is rooted in sin.
  3. Review your spending habits.

Today I will start with step 4, which is tithing. Tithing is the key to having God’s provision released in our life. This godly principle is the one that Satan opposes the most in a Christian’s life. It pertains to the “law of the first fruits” which sim­ply says that the first part of any fruit you produce belongs to God. Tithing is part of that law. The first fruit of our income (10%) be­longs to God and the 90% that is left is ours.

In the book of Malachi, God promises that if we don’t rob Him and we give what rightfully belongs to Him, He will release His abundance, provisions and protection. Always remember: God’s ways are not our ways. If we expect God’s word to fit our logic and understanding, we’ll miss Him every time.

It comes down to these two questions about our tithes: Is Jesus really Lord over our life? Do we really want to get out of debt?

Break the curse. Poverty and debt are curses that won’t go away unless forcefully broken. Matthew 12:11 says, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers vio­lence, and the violent take it by force.” In other words, Satan and his demons must be forcibly removed from our life in the name of Jesus.

We can assume that we are under the effects of a curse if we experience a cycle of negative events repeating over and over again. We break free, only to fall back into the debt cycle again. Some­times expenses rise out of nowhere, our car breaks down, we lose a job, etc. If they happen consistently, it is a sign that a curse of debt and poverty is over your life. Here is how to break it according to God’s word.

Identify that it’s a curse. Galatians 3:13 and 14 tells us Jesus became a curse for us so that we could have the blessings of Abraham (in­cluding prosperity). Declare, “In Jesus’ name I break the curse of poverty, lack and debt over my life!” If you haven’t done step two from my last message, add it in this prayer and declaration.

Release the blessing of prosperity, abundance and multiplica­tion in the name of Jesus. This is a war that must be fought in the spiritual realm and the weapons of warfare are not carnal—they are spiritual.

Constantly renew your mind with God’s word. Remind your­self that you live in God’s kingdom, not Satan’s anymore. Your God is generous and desires that you live the abundant life Jesus pur­chased for you. He made provision for you to be prosperous for His kingdom purposes (if you are doing His works, not your own).

Ask yourself, “Why do I want to get out of debt and have poverty bro­ken off my life?” If your answer doesn’t include something like be­ing Jesus Christ’s representative, you’ve missed the whole purpose of your redemption!

By applying all six steps to your everyday life; deliverance from poverty and living in debt is a sure thing. The greatest challenge is to recognize that Satan doesn’t want you to be financially free because then he can’t control your life. This is war and you must be in it to win it! Stay in the fight and don’t give up. BECAUSE OF JESUS WE WIN!

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