What’s following you?

No one lives this life without affecting others, whether for good or evil. Our influence makes lasting impact for generations. Our legacy lays a path for our children and grandchildren to follow. It will either lead them to do greater things or cause them to stumble.

Deuteronomy 30:19 says that the choices we make today will bless or curse those who follow us. Every one of us has an account in heaven where we make daily deposits for our future—either blessings of mercy or curses of iniquity.

What are you depositing?

We store up blessings of mercy by making God-honoring choices that put Him before ourselves. When we make time to go to church, give tithes and offerings, forgive others and overlook their wrongs, resist temptations—all these things bless God.

Conversely, taking the easy way out, compromising, giving in to temptation, refusing to forgive, following our feelings and intellect, inconsistently attending corporate gatherings, holding back tithes and offerings—these actions store up curses for our future and that of our children and grandchildren (Exodus 20:5).

Look back in your own family tree, and you may realize that a legacy of mercy, favor and blessing was stored up for you by your parents and grandparents who paid the price in sacrifices and right choices. You may also see how some of your present struggles are inherited from them.

The buck stops here!

Those curses of iniquity need not go any further. We’ve all sown bad seeds in our lives, but its time to reverse the curse. You can be the “bloodline-changer” in your family and end its negative effect on your children and your children’s children. Ask “What is in my heavenly bank account? Blessings of mercy? Or curses of iniquity?” The buck can stop with you!

The legacy we leave is more valuable, enduring and life-changing than silver and gold that perish. 

The Apostle Paul pointed out to Timothy that his strong faith first lived in the hearts of his grandmother Lois and mother Eunice (2 Tim. 1:5). Their deposits of faithful prayer and worship into their heavenly bank account benefited their child.

Wouldn’t it be great if God could tell your descendants the same about you when they see divine favor and special blessings in their lives? The legacy we leave is more valuable, enduring and life-changing than silver and gold that perish. 

Every family needs a David.

That’s why Solomon asked the Lord to remember the mercies of His servant David (2 Chron. 6:42). David wasn’t a perfect man, but he knew how to honor God, which deposited blessings of mercy in his heavenly account for his sons to withdraw.

God honored David’s sacrifices and his right choices. For all that, God promised David that, instead of giving them what they deserved, He would correct his sons with mercy if they turned away from Him (which they did).

God’s covenant of mercy also extends to you and me. Be the David of your family! The next time you put down your flesh and make a right decision, remember that, like David, you are depositing mercy in your heavenly account. Leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.…