Declare Your Independence

The greatest battle ever fought on the face of the earth was waged—not for the freedom of any one nation or people—but for the freedom of all mankind. This battle of all battles took place on a lonely hill in a small corner of the world. And not a single weapon was fired and just one Man died.

But now 2,000 years later, the events of that afternoon continue to shake the universe. Jesus, hanging on a cross against a darkened sky, cried out one final time and yielded up His spirit. A massive, rock-splitting earthquake shook the planet. The veil that had hung quietly in the temple for hundreds of years, symbolically separating a Holy God from sinful man, suddenly tore in half from top to bottom. Graves were ripped open and the dead rose and walked out alive.

Jesus’ death was so catastrophic that the soldiers who guarded Him —men who moments before mocked Him and gambled for his clothes —“feared greatly saying, ‘Truly this was the Son of God!’” (Matt. 27: 45-54)

Jesus descended into hell, triumphed over satan in his own domain, took the keys of death and the grave, rose from the dead the third day and gave you and me the freedom to inherit eternal life. This was no small fistfight. It was a thorough, humiliating defeat that still sends satan reeling every time a man or woman of God speaks the name of Jesus in faith.

What Jesus won for us was independence from satan’s domination and the freedom to choose heaven or hell, eternal life or eternal death.Up to that point, satan had held all of humanity captive. He had narrowed our choice of eternal destiny down to one: hell and everlasting damnation.

The freedoms we Americans celebrate on July 4th are great and they came at the price of much bloodshed. But the freedom to vote, the freedom of speech, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are only temporary, earth-bound privileges with no eternal value. The freedom for which Jesus shed His precious blood is available eternally. But like any other freedom or right, we must exercise it.

So how do we exercise our right to eternal life? You must choose whom you will serve: satan or Jesus Christ. Understand this: If you have never accepted Jesus Christ, you are still in bondage to satan. Confess that Jesus paid the price and de-feated satan, that Jesus overcame death and rose from the dead and believe it in your heart.

By confessing Jesus as your Lord and your Savior, you effectively declare your independence from satan and from sin. You have a legal right to heaven and all the blessings of God. Don’t let satan trick you out of it. Let today become your Independence Day from sin, sickness and death!

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